About b.Tsaritsa

b.True, b.You, b.Tsaritsa!

“The power to rise above life’s challenges lives within you, all you have to do is find it! “

Jewelry should have meaning.  It should represent something about you, who you are, what you believe in.  I found inspiration in royal regalia. The concepts of power, protection, and glory are represented in my customized pieces. 

  • SHIELD - symbolizes protection, commitment, and loyalty
  • SWORD - symbolizes power, protection, strength, courage and authority
  • SCEPTER - symbolizes power and divinity 
  • CROWN - symbolizes power, honor, glory, and immortality

With these ancient symbols, I created a collection of jewelry that represents the modern woman I set out to be.  I wanted to b.Tsaritsa. 

Tsaritsa (tsa-ree-tsa), the Russian word for supreme female ruler is the foundation of b.Tsaritsa (b-tsa-ree-tsa), modern supreme female ruler of her sovereign kingdom; a woman who’s connected to her soul, paving the way to her deserved destiny.

Every piece conveys what I am learning and discovering on my road to b.Tsaritsa. I wear my sword as a reminder of the hardship, the battles, and my courage to rise above and create b.Tsaritsa. Whenever I don my shield, it acts as a guide before me, leading me towards glory and away from fear.

My purpose is to elevate and empower you, on the road to discover your true self.

The question is never about what you want, but rather what you will have?  Are you ready to rise above and discover your true self?


b.Tsaritsa Collection of necklaces, earrings, rings, and cufflinks is produced from recycled solid sterling silver and can be made in 14k Gold. Every b.Tsaritsa collectable treasure is embellished with precious gemstones and can be customized to enrich your personal style and invoke your regal spirit within.


My name is Rita, designer and founder of b.Tsaritsa based in NYC.  Ten years ago, I found myself lost in the world without inspiration. With courage, strength and determination I searched deep inside my soul and transformed my old, unreliable rituals into new profound experiences. Suddenly the clouds lifted, and I awoke. Looking at the world with fresh open eyes, I was finally able to find true meaning and purpose.

I walked down memory lane and remembered how I always aspired to live a richer life with integrity, honesty and generosity of spirit. With these principles at heart, I set out to create the lifestyle I’ve always envisioned.  I wanted to b.Tsaritsa.


b.Tsaritsa began with my love affair with beautiful jewelry. It follows me wherever I go and touches every aspect of my life. I love wearing it.

It empowers me and expresses the lifestyle I enjoy living. With that feeling at heart, I quickly enrolled in jewelry school where I honed my jewelry making skills and nurtured my natural style instincts.

I wanted to pass along the feeling of empowerment to other women and create jewelry designs worthy of b.Tsaritsa.

I was instantly drawn to the memories of a trip I took to Dresden, Germany in 1998, where I visited the Green Vault Museum filled with incredibly rich history of Royal Artifacts. My love for the craftsmanship of the bejeweled regalia became the inspiration behind my unique designs.

I preserve part of the past in my original handcrafted creations, which I transform into modern royal talismanic jewelry like shields, swords, scepters, crowns and other artifacts.

Explore the World of b.Tsaritsa and Accessorize Your Reign.