Empowering Designs

It is ironic how our lives and paths cross in the most unexpected ways. 

A friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer. A night before this happened, she had a dream in which she had a strong vision of a sword. She saw this sword as her savior and her protector.
Then I, on my end, was introduced to b.Tsaritsa, a jewelry company with products that included all the items needed to empower a woman. And in this case it was my friend who envisioned a sword, and b.Tsaritsa had that sword.
I loved that I had an option to customize the sword, and Rita was most pleasant to do business with. Efficient production, great communication, fast shipment, and an amazing product as a result.
At the end, my friend, who is in the midst of her battle with cancer, wears her sword with pride, joy, and hope.
Thank you b.Tsaritsa!  ~ NR, Colorado


Satisfied Elegance

"I had a custom jewelry set made last year and was really satisfied. b.Tsarista jewelry is all about quality and creativity".
Thank you b.Tsaritsa! ~ HA, New York