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I always thought jewelry should have meaning. It should represent something about a person, who they  are, what they believe in. I found inspiration in ancient royal artifacts. I preserve part of the past in my original handcrafted creations, which I transform into modern talismanic jewelry like shields, swords, scepters, crowns and other adornment. 

Tsaritsa (tsa-ree-tsa), the Russian word for supreme female ruler is the foundation of b.Tsaritsa (b-tsa-ree-tsa), modern supreme female ruler of her sovereign kingdom; a woman who’s connected to her soul, paving the way to her true self.

In this busy world, women are turning to jewelry for a sense of safety and self-expression.  Our jewelry becomes our strength and armor.  This was my inspiration to create the b.Tsaritsa collection of powerful talismanic jewelry representing the modern women.  b.Tsaritsa is designed to become a symbol of your unique journey to discover your true self. Every piece can be customized with gemstones to embody your individuality and enrich your personal style within. 

b.Tsaritsa Jewelry embodies the mysterious allure of modern aristocracy. 

b.True, b.You, b.Tsaritsa!