The Alternative Spaces Collection

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"The Alternative Spaces Collection comprises unique pieces of jewelry, many of which feature geometric shapes, all boasting at least one equal side. Each side represents a mirror reflection of one's world, serving as a connection to the Alternatives Space. This collection is crafted from 14K Yellow Gold and includes Diamond Necklaces, Rings, and Earrings. Among them are the Transurfing Board Necklace, Boomerang Necklace, Octagon Necklace, Double Arrow Aura Ring, Infinity Ring, Pyramid Earrings, and Diamond Shape Earrings.

When I wear these pieces, I set an intention, touch the piece I have on, and allow it to connect me to the Alternatives Space. Each piece, in its own way, signifies a connection to this space, if you let it."

The Transurfing Board Necklace

 "The Transurfing Board Necklace, my signature piece within the exclusive Alternatives Space Collection, earns its name from its surfboard-like shape, symbolizing a journey of the mind through the Alternatives Space. It embodies my navigation through this realm, allowing me to curate the very best for my life and manifest its inherent beauty in the material world.
It can do the same for you if you let.

Crafted intricately with 14K Yellow Gold and adorned with 13 dazzling diamonds, this exquisite necklace transcends mere style—it becomes a conduit, unlocking a hidden passage to the Alternatives Space. This necklace isn't just an accessory; it's a talisman of empowerment, inviting you into a transformative journey of manifesting dreams."

"Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey?"

The Boomerang Necklace

"The next piece in my collection is called The Boomerang Necklace, part of the Alternative Spaces collection. It symbolizes a boomerang effect. When I put it on, I hold it and project an intention of something amazing I'd like to see unfold in my life. With my mind, I send it into the Alternative Spaces and let my world bring back a wave of fortune with my boomerang.

It can do the same for you if you let it.

This stunning necklace, meticulously crafted with 14K Yellow Gold and adorned with seven exquisite diamonds, transcends mere elegance. Not just an accessory, it effortlessly fosters self-expression while secretly attracting waves of fortune aligned with your deepest aspirations."


 The Octagon Necklace

"The Octagon Necklace, a part of the Alternatives Spaces Collection, mirrors aspects of my life. With its four equal sides and reflections, it becomes a conduit for my intentions. When I wear it, I project four desires into the Alternatives Space, taking one step in front of the other toward them, letting my world do the rest.

Crafted from stunning 14K Gold and adorned with eight rubies, this beautiful necklace not only complements your style but also helps manifest your desired reflections into the material world . It grants ease in self-expression while subtly bringing forth the changes you seek in your life."


The Infinity Ring

"The Infinity Ring is part of the Alternatives Spaces collection, symbolizing infinite possibilities in life. When I wear my Infinity Ring, I touch it, opening myself to receive endless possibilities from my world. The more positive thoughts I emit into the Alternatives Space, the more positive infinite events manifest in my life.

It can do the same for you if you let it.

Crafted with 14K Yellow Gold and adorned with seven diamonds, this beautiful ring not only complements your personal style but also quietly ushers in infinite possibilities."


Double Arrow Aura Ring

"The Double Arrow Aura Ring is part of the Alternatives Spaces Collection, symbolizing a continuous flow of positive energy in and out. When I wear this ring, it serves as a gateway to the Alternatives Space, receiving free energy and transmitting it to me. With this constant flow, my Aura grows stronger.

It can do the same for you if you let it.

Crafted with 14K Yellow Gold and adorned with two diamonds, this beautiful Double Arrow Aura Ring not only enhances self-expression but also subtly fortifies your aura."


 The Pyramid Earrings

"The Pyramid Earrings, part of the exclusive Alternative Spaces Collection, symbolize reflections of life events, reminiscent of the Octagon Necklace. Each earring's two equal sides and dual reflections allow for personalized envisioning of life's desires. When adorned, I set four intentions, taking strides towards my goals with positivity, letting my world unfold harmoniously.

They can do the same for you if you let them.

These unique earrings are crafted with 14K Yellow Gold and adorned with two diamonds. They not only facilitate self-expression with style but also secretly reveal reflections tailored to you."


 Diamond Shape Earrings

"The Diamond Shape Earrings conclude the Alternative Spaces Collection, uniquely featuring mirror reflections on both the front and back. When I wear these earrings, I set a positive intention for the day and position myself facing the sun. The diamond within the intricately carved little star reflects the sun rays, channeling them back to the Alternatives Space to actualize my daily intentions.

They can do the same for you if you let them.

Crafted from 14K Yellow Gold and adorned with two diamonds, these gorgeous earrings not only facilitate stylish self-expression but also secretly deliver your intended aspirations."


"The Alternative Spaces Collection offers more than stunning jewelry; it's a way to connect with your aspirations. Each piece, crafted with care and adorned with gold and diamonds, holds a special meaning. These items serve as tools, empowering wearers to focus on personal desires and intentions. Whether it's the symbolic shapes, dazzling diamonds, or elegant style, these pieces are reminders to set intentions and harness the power of manifestation. Wearing these treasures isn't just about aesthetics; it's about feeling connected to a realm where thoughts shape reality and aspirations become tangible."

"Are there specific symbols within the collection that resonate deeply with you? 

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