Introduction To Reality Transurfing

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What is Reality Transurfing?


"Reality Transurfing Steps I - V" is a book written by Vadim Zeland. This book teaches me how to live a magnificent lifestyle. From this book, I am learning how to be the ruler of my own reality using Transurfing techniques. This is the most interesting way of looking at life I have ever encountered; it's kind of brilliant. At times, I feel like magic is in the air.

In this blog, I would love to share things about Reality Transurfing step by step, directly from the book. Then, I'll share what I think about it and how Transurfing techniques are transforming my life. I've read this book twice and I'm continuing to read it now. It serves as a daily reminder of what I really want in my life, and what I want is to b.Tsaritsa.

Here’s a glimpse into the book:

“Transurfing is a method that frees you to choose your own destiny, literally like choosing something in a store.” - VZ

“Everyone is free to choose any destiny they wish. The only freedom we truly have is the freedom of choice. You can choose anything you want.” - VZ

“Everyone can have the freedom to choose whatever they want; but here’s a riddle for you: how do you acquire that freedom? When you guess the answer correctly, your apples will fall to the sky.” - VZ

Here are a few initial things I learned from the book: we live in a dual world—our material world that we can see and touch, and a virtual mirror world called the Alternatives Space.

"The Alternatives Space is a material information structure. It is an infinite field containing information on all possible scenarios of any event that could ever possibly take place. One could say that the Alternatives Space contains absolutely everything. With the freedom of choice, all you have to do is choose what's best for yourself." - VZ

The Alternatives Space is an invisible dual world that we are connected to by our souls and our minds, and it is a reflection of our individual personal world. More on that later.

"Everything that ever was, is, and ever will be, already exists in the Alternatives Space." - VZ

So, whatever you desire for yourself with your heart and mind is yours. You can manifest your intention into physical reality by connecting to the Alternatives Space with your thought form. With time, your virtual reality becomes your physical reality, whether good or bad. One of the best ways to exercise freedom of choice is to choose happiness. It sounds simple, but it isn't, and it isn’t really hard. You will have to learn a bunch of Transurfing Rules to really grasp this, but then, everything you want can be yours.

So, be patient, and let’s take a fun Transurfing ride together. Are you with me?

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