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"The Cosmos are part of the Alternatives Space, and we are all connected to them. The sun, the moon, and the stars play significant roles in our lives. If you believe in your connection to the cosmos, they can bring magical things into your life. That’s why I call my necklaces 'The Guiding Sun', 'The Lighting Moon', and 'The Magical Star'. Each piece means something different to me, and they all bring different magic. When I wear any of these pieces, I touch them and set a positive intention, allowing my world to bring fortunate events into my life."

"They can do the same for you if you let them."

"These necklaces are  designed not just as accessories but as symbols of connection to celestial elements. The symbolism behind each one—the sun, moon, and star—adds a mystical touch. The idea of setting positive intentions while wearing them might add a personal, almost ritualistic aspect to your daily routine."

The Guiding Sun Necklace

"I call this necklace 'The Guiding Sun,' and it's a part of the Cosmos Collection. The sun symbolizes warmth and light, guiding me in the right direction. Its rays illuminate my path precisely when I need it. When I wear my Sun Necklace, I feel that the best awaits me. 

It can do the same for you if you let it.

This beautiful and fun necklace is crafted with 14K Yellow Gold and adorned with 11 dazzling diamonds. It embodies the warmth and guidance of the sun.

It makes expressing yourself with style effortless and allows the sun to be your secret guide. Its radiant design complements your personal style, making it an ideal piece to elevate any ensemble while invoking."


"I call this necklace 'The Lighting Moon Necklace', also a part of the Cosmos Collection. The moon symbolizes the night and stillness, emanating just enough light. Before I embark on a nighttime drive, I touch my moon necklace, letting it illuminate the dark road when needed most. When I wear my moon necklace, I feel protected on the road.

It can do the same for you if you let it.

The Lighting Moon Necklace is made with 14K Yellow Gold and embellished with three diamonds, representing the tranquility and subtle illumination of the moon. Wearing this piece signifies protection and serenity, especially during night ventures, bringing a touch of mystique to your look. It makes expressing your style effortless while letting the moon secretly light your way."


The Magical Star Necklace

"I call this necklace 'The Magical Star', and it's part of the Cosmos Collection. The star represents a special sparkle in my life. When I wear my star necklace, it feels like the star is my fairy, and she brings magical events into my life, just at the right time.

It can do the same for you if you let it. 

This beautiful necklace is made with 14K Yellow Gold and adorned with a single diamond, symbolizing the enchanting spark that ushers in magical moments. Pair it with the Lighting Moon Necklace for a stunning celestial combination, allowing the star to secretly infuse your life with its mystical aura.


The Lighting Moon and Magical Star Necklace

"The Lighting Moon and Magical Star Necklace presents a flawless fusion. These two pieces perfectly complement each other, creating a sense of empowerment when worn together. The star infuses my life with magic, while the moon consistently illuminates my path.

This powerful combination, crafted from 14K Yellow Gold and embellished with four diamonds, adds an enchanting touch to your style. Effortlessly expressing your unique fashion sense, it envelops you in an aura of both magic and light. Experience this mystique and empowerment—it can do the same for you if you let it."

Each necklace from the Cosmos Collection invites wearers to set positive intentions, believing in the inter-connectedness between these cosmic elements and their lives. Embrace the magic and let these celestial companions adorn your journey."

Do you feel a strong connection to any one of these symbols in particular?

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