What Inspired New b.Tsaritsa Jewelry

Posted by Rita Beygelman on

The new b.Tsaritsa jewelry collection comes from a new place in my heart. It came to life after I read the most magnificent book called Reality Transurfing; you can learn about it here. It inspired me to see life differently. I learned that we live in a dual world: our material world and a virtual mirror world called the Alternatives Space.

"The Alternatives Space is a material information structure—an infinite field containing information on all possible scenarios of any event that could ever possibly take place. One could say that the Alternatives Space contains absolutely everything, and everything that you desire with your heart and mind is yours. With freedom of choice, all you have to do is choose the best for yourself." - VZ

Our connection to the Alternatives Space is our soul and our mind.

The way I see the Alternatives Space is as an invisible mirror world that reflects around my thinking. In the Alternatives Space, infinite possibilities of life events exist, where anything is possible. You have the power to choose anything you want for yourself with the power of positive thinking, using the Transurfing methods.

My new 14K Gold collections are connected to the Alternatives Space. I call them the Cosmos and the Alternative Spaces. All my new pieces are meant to be a gateway to the Alternatives Space and can connect you there as well if you let them.

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