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My love with Royal Regalia began in 1998 while vacationing with my mom in Czech Republic. During our trip we took a day tour to Dresden, Germany and one of the stops on our tour was  the Green Vault in the  Dresden Castle, which was filled with the most magnificent jeweled regalia I have ever seen. I had no idea anything like this existed in the world, growing up in communist USSR we mostly learned about Lenin and other leaders that followed. Nothing really about the rich history about Russian or any other royalty.

I remember walking into the castle and seeing incredible beautiful Royal Swords, Majestic Shields, Imperial Scepters, Royal Coats, Crowns and other royal adornment. I was instantly mesmerized and fell in love with craftsmanship and all the details. They were covered in diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other magnificent gemstones. I couldn't believe how such beautiful swords and shields were used for battle, for some reason every time I looked at them, I can only see beautiful jewels. I knew I could never forget them.

Before leaving, I bought a little book to remind me of the beauty I experienced. I never imagined then, that one day ancient Royal Artifacts would be the inspiration behind my brand and designs.

As life would have it, while working in luxury retail I found myself lost in a dream without inspiration. I knew there was more to life, but I didn't know how to get to this place that I saw whirling around me everyday. One day I realized that I had to purge my old and unreliable rituals and search the depths of my soul to find my true passion,  and then one day I realized that I have the power to create the life I envision.

When I began my journey as a jewelry designer I wasn't sure exactly what direction I wanted to take, however I knew I wanted to create beautiful, modern, non-traditional, timeless jewelry. As I began thinking about my specialty and motif my mind took me back to the time of my visit and all the regalia I saw at the castle.

I want to represent a woman who aims her arrow high, and will stop at nothing to create a life worthy of a queen. Tsaritsa, the Russian word for supreme female ruler of the Russian kingdom, became the foundation of b.Tsaritsa. I can’t say I love everything royalty and monarchy stands for, therefore I decided to modernize the meaning from Tsaritsa to b.Tsaritsa (b-tsa-ree-tsa) - modern supreme female ruler of her sovereign kingdom.  A woman who is connected to her soul, paving the way to her deserved destiny. She is innately strong, independent, and exudes unwavering confidence.

For this woman I decided to create b.Tsaritsa modern royal talismans.   

I honed my jewelry making skills and nurtured my natural style instincts. Every piece begins with my original design and handcrafted in custom wax carving. b.Tsaritsa Collection of necklaces, earringsrings, and cufflinks is produced from recycled solid sterling silver and can be made in 14k or 18K Gold. Every b.Tsaritsa collectable treasure is embellished with precious gemstones and can be customized to enrich your personal style and invoke your regal spirit within.

All b.Tsaritsa designs embody the mysterious allure and delicate refinement of modern aristocracy.

These modern future heirlooms can become personal treasures and one day, they may be passed on to the next b.Tsaritsa in the lineage.

The question is never about what you want, but rather what will you have?

Explore the world of  b.Tsaritsa and accessorize your reign!



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